Early mornings mean daddy duties in the Mitchell household in the West End.

Atlanta mayoral hopeful Ceasar Mitchell says his first job is being a family man. To his wife and three children.

“The daddy duties is making sure we get the girls to school,” he said.

As we approach the highly anticipated election day in Atlanta, Mitchell says he’s juggled many roles: his current position as city council president, his full time job as an attorney, father, husband, and non-stop campaigning to be the next mayor of Atlanta.

And as someone from Atlanta, he says this city means everything to him. And his family.

“My father was an Atlanta police officer, and an ordained minister,” he said. “My mom taught school in the Atlanta public school system.”

As we followed Ceasar Mitchell around for a day, we found out some information that didn’t make his campaign ads.

“I cry at romantic comedy movies,” he revealed. “That’s something that’s a little different about me. Folks laugh when they hear that. Like he cries at romantic comedies?”

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He says 16 years of city council experience has led him to this moment. Little rest. Lots of public events, like recognizing the Atlanta R&B group Xscape at City Hall.

“It’s sun up to sun down,” Mitchell said. “It’s a great opportunity to meet with people and address issues and concerns.”

Mitchell also says election season can get a little competitive and negative. Something we’ve seen during this mayoral race.

“Often times you do get negativity that crops its ugly head in campaigns,” he said. “That’s unfortunate. But as mayor I intend to set a new tone in city hall.”

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11Alive's Neima Abdulahi was at Mitchell's watch party:

The crowd arrives:

The candidate arrives:

A dance party broke out:

Ceasar steps up to the mic:

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