A GOP gubernatorial candidate is blasting state Rep. Stacey Abrams’ call for the removal of Stone Mountain’s confederate carving.

“I want to know where Stacey draws the line,” said state Sen. Michael Williams. “Will she demand we blow up the Jefferson Memorial and knock down the Washington Monument?

“I do not support defacing Stone Mountain or any of our monuments and I do not support rewriting Georgia’s history.”

Abrams is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor, along with fellow state Rep. Stacey Evans. Williams is seeking the GOP nomination, along with Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, and Hunter Bradley Hill.

Abrams announced her support of removing the Stone Mountain carving on Tuesday, as the nation continues reeling from weekend violence in Charlottesville, Va., that killed one person and injured dozens of others.

The clash between white nationalists and counter protestors in Charlottesville was sparked by the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Williams also said Abrams’ statement was an attempt to “change the media coverage of her supporters shouting down her opponent for having white skin.”

On Saturday, during the NetRoots Nation meeting in Atlanta, Evans was shouted down by demonstrators who were chanting, “Trust black women” and “Support black women.”

Abrams spoke to the organization, which bills itself as the nation's leading annual progressive conference, earlier in the week.

On Monday, Abrams issued a lengthy statement regarding the incident.

Georgia code section 50-3-1 (c) prohibits any alteration, concealment or removal of the carving, which portrays Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis, along with Generals Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee.