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Carter Center calls for calm during historic election cycle

The organization has monitored elections in developing countries for years.

ATLANTA — The Atlanta-based Carter Center is urging people to remain calm during this pivotal election cycle and to be mindful of where they’re getting their information.

This is the first U.S. presidential election the Carter Center is monitoring in a formal way. The center was founded in 1982 by former president Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn, in partnership with Emory University. 

The mission since then has remained the same - to promote human rights, conflict resolution, health, and democracy for all.

“It’s important for there to be open communication, open dialogue, and to focus on real facts and trusted information. And to avoid the temptation to latch on to things that are not true,” said David Carroll, the director of the Carter Center’s Democracy Program.

Carroll said the time is now to promote calmness in the midst of high tensions and politically divided states.

The Carter Center has monitored elections in developing countries for years. The center is now working to build confidence in the election process, by gathering public information and talking with election officials to address voter concerns.

David Carroll hopes the Carter Center can serve as a beacon of hope, the way it always has with Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s continued efforts to bring humanity together during tough times.

The Carter Center does not endorse specific candidates or pick political sides. It is a non-partisan organization. They’re just urging people to remain calm during this unprecedented election.

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