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Deadline looms: 6 things to know about voting in Georgia

With less than a month to register to vote, here's some important information to keep handy.

ATLANTA — The deadline to register online, in-person, or by mail to vote is fast approaching in Georgia. You have until Oct. 5 - less than 28 days.

To help you make sure your vote is counted, here are a few different things you need to keep in mind.

Register to vote by mail, in person, online in Georgia

The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 5. You cannot register to vote and cast your ballot on the same day. You also cannot vote without a photo ID.

Request a mail-in ballot

You have until Oct. 30 to request a mail-in ballot. 

Voting by mail

You can vote by mail without an excuse, you can vote by mail without a notary or witness, and you can use COVID-19 as an excuse to vote by mail.

Your ballot must be postmarked by Tuesday, Nov. 3, and received by Friday, Nov. 6 in order for the vote to count. 

To track your ballot after voting by mail, click here.

Voting early

If you’re voting early in-person, you have three weeks, from Oct. 12 to Oct. 30 to do so.

Absentee ballots

Follow the directions to the T for absentee and mail-in ballots. If it says black and blue ink only, use black or blue ink. If it says to sign the back, sign the back, etc.

In Georgia, you do not need a copy of your photo ID to cast an absentee ballot. It’s recommended that, if you plan to vote by absentee, request the absentee ballot immediately and mail it in without delay.

Absentee ballot return envelopes have an oath that must be signed by the voter. The signature on the oath is compared with the signature on the absentee ballot application. So, make sure to keep your signature the same. 

Here are some additional absentee and mail-in ballot information.

Check your voting status.

In Georgia, you can register online and check your status, get your polling place, and update information online as well.

Just click here.