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Here's how you can find a sample ballot online for Georgia voting

You can find a sample ballot online ahead of elections.

ATLANTA — Many people use a sample ballot to choose their vote before heading to the polls, ensuring they're making an informed decision when election day comes.

In the Peach State, a sample ballot typically includes a mock-up of an actual ballot one uses while casting their vote. 

On the sample, voters can see lists of candidates, ballot measures, and instructions on voting.

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Here's how you can find a Georgia sample ballot:

According to the Georgia.gov website, registered voters receive a sample ballot by mail ahead of an election. 

People who haven't gotten a sample ballot should ensure they're registered to vote and that their address is listed correctly on their registration. 

The Georgia Secretary of State’s My Voter Page is a one-stop-shop to view your sample ballot, find your polling place, or verify you're registered to vote. 

To access the page, first login online by entering your first initial, legal last name, county you reside in and your date of birth. 

Once you login, the website will display a section that says "personal information." There's a small footer at the bottom of that section that says "View Sample Ballot."

Once you click that footer, the website opens a pop-up that allows you to view three options to view -- a Democrat, Republican, or non-partisan sample ballot. 

"Sample ballots are provided as a public service. While we make every effort to ensure accuracy, we cannot guarantee that sample ballots displayed here will be an exact match for those used at your polling place," a statement on the My Voter Page website reads.

The website indicates sample ballots are available in Adobe Acrobat format. Those who do not have Adobe Reader installed can visit the Adobe website to download the reader free of charge and view a sample ballot.

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