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General election survey results; Exclusive poll taken August 6-8

11Alive News conducted an exclusive SurveyUSA poll from Aug. 6 to Aug. 8 that looked ahead at the General Election in November.

ATLANTA — Many Georgians are heading to the polls today to vote in the runoff elections happening in 94 counties across the state.

11Alive News conducted an exclusive SurveyUSA poll from Aug. 6 to Aug. 8 that looked ahead at the General Election in November.

Here are the issues 11Alive viewers cared about the most:

  • 34 percent of people said the economy
  • 18 percent of people said coronavirus 
  • 14 percent of people said healthcare  

The poll also asked, "If the November election for the president were today, who would you vote for ?" 

  • 44 percent said incumbent Donald Trump (R)
  • 46 percent said Joe Biden (D)
  • 4 percent said another candidate 
  • 6 percent are undecided 

The poll found that Georgia's 16 Electoral College Votes are critical and without them, Trump's path to re-election is theoretically possible but practically impossible.

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Here's a further look into the presidential election: 

  • At the top of the ticket, Biden leads by 14 among women, Trump leads by 12 among men, a 26-point Gender Gap.
  • Trump leads 3:1 among GA's white voters; Biden leads 8:1 among GA's black voters; Biden leads among both Hispanics and Asians.
  • Biden voters are focused on health care, COVID, and race relations. Trump voters are focused on the economy and immigration.
  • For Georgia voters who likely knew someone with COVID, Biden leads by 12. Of voters who do not know a COVID patient, Trump leads by 12.
  • Independents break ever-so-slightly for Trump, with an asterisk that 7 percent of independents say they will vote for someone other than Trump or Biden.
  • Moderates break 2:1 for Biden.
  • Despite hi-profile efforts by The Lincoln Project and others to siphon GOP voters, just 5% crossover as of Monday 91 percent of Republicans continues to dance with who brought them.

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Here is how Georgian's are feeling about state elections specifically:

  • Among voters who strongly disapprove of Gov. Brian Kemp's response to COVID-19, Ossoff leads Perdue 17:1.
  • Among voters who strongly approve of Kemp's response to COVID-19, Perdue leads Ossoff 6:1.
  • Among independents, Perdue leads Ossoff by 12 points, with an asterisk that 10 percent of independents say they will vote for someone other than Perdue or Ossoff.
  • Perdue and Ossoff tie in the suburbs. Ossoff leads 2:1 in urban parts of the state. Perdue leads 2:1 in rural GA.
  • Right now, the poll found that it is too close to call in the Senate contest to reelect David Perdue (R). He edged out Jon Ossoff (D) 44 percent to Ossoff's 41 percent, but the polls sampling error makes it hard to tell. 
  • In the special election to fill GOP Johnny Isakson's Senate Seat, three candidates are tightly bunched, only two of whom will advance to a January runoff.
  • In the special election, Republican Kelly Loeffler, who holds the seat at least through the runoff, ranks first among 20 candidates, at 26 percent.
  • Republican Doug Collins and Democrat Raphael Warnock tie for 2nd place, at 17 percent each -- making it a race to watch. 
  • If Collins finishes atop Warnock on 11/03/20, the Isakson seat is presumed to stay red, though who sits in it won't be known for 75 days.
  • If Warnock finishes atop Collins, Loeffler and Warnock will end up in a January runoff which will potentially decide who controls the Senate when it convenes next year.
  • Warnock is projected to get one of three black votes and at this time we don't know how many of those votes will materialize in a pandemic.
  • However, Loeffler's support is described as male, white, preoccupied with immigration, concentrated in Northwest GA, and "certain" to vote.
  • Collins' support is described as younger, Latino, wealthier, worried about the economy, and concentrated in Southern and Coastal GA.
  • If support for Democrat Matt Lieberman (today at 13 percent) and/or Democrat Ed Tarver (today at percent three percent) collapses, Warnock's chance to advance goes up.

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SurveyUSA interviewed 800 state of Georgia adults 08/06/2020 through 08/08/2020. Of the adults, 669 are registered to vote. Of those registered, SurveyUSA determined that 623 are likely to vote in the scheduled 11/03/2020 general election. This research was conducted online among a random and representative cross-section of Georgia adults. Results were nominally weighted to US Census Bureau targets for gender, age, race, education and home-ownership to ensure that the respondent pool reflects the state. In 2016, 2012, and 2008, the Republican running for President has carried Georgia by 5 percentage points.

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to correct the percentage of undecided voters in the general election.

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