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Georgia statewide office races | Guide to candidates, their priorities

There are seven statewide offices on the ballot, besides U.S. Senate and governor.

Gabriella Nunez

Published: 4:18 PM EDT October 10, 2022
Updated: 3:44 PM EDT November 3, 2022

Georgia's races for governor and U.S. Senate have taken center stage leading up to the midterm elections, but voters will have to weigh in on seven other statewide offices that will shape the Peach State in the years to come.

The coronavirus pandemic renewed emphasis on Georgia's Superintendent of Schools and the Labor Commissioner as student learning and unemployment benefits became part of the volatile and uncertain times. Georgia's Secretary of State Office also gained familiarity and it was thrown in the national spotlight during the 2020 presidential election. And, more recently, the Attorney General's Office gained new prominence as Georgia's abortion law took effect following the reversal of Roe v. Wade.

Georgia's politics have a way of impacting every voter. Here are the candidates who think they're up for the job and what they hope to bring to the office - if elected.

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