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Gwinnett County could be counting ballots through the weekend, officials say

A software problem interfered with the way thousands of mailed absentee ballots are scanned in batches.

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Gwinnett County election officials say they may be counting ballots through Saturday- and possibly even on Sunday. 

County spokesman Joe Sorenson said an adjudication process could delay the tallying of all votes even longer. 

A software problem interfered with the way more than 118,000 mailed absentee ballots are scanned in batches, officials said.

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The historically Republican county had already flipped for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and stayed there for Abrams in 2018.

"Unless we get a pleasant surprise," he said the adjudication process will go through "at least" Saturday. He said they have scheduled them for Sunday, too, just in case. He also said once they finish that process and republish the changes from those, the rest is quick work. 

"Once these ballots have been fully adjudicated, the absentee by mail totals will be updated, and together with the remaining uncounted votes, the results will be tallied and published," Sorenson said.

He said additional uncounted votes include approximately 4,400 absentee ballots received on Election Day, votes to be rescanned from one corrupt data card from the Shorty Howell advance in-person voting site, and any of the approximately 1,000 provisional ballots that can be counted.

When asked if this meant we might not know any unofficial results until Saturday, he said we should know that number at some point Sunday. 

The adjudication process is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. on Thursday.

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