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Where to go vote on Election Day

Where is your local precinct? Do you know if it was moved? Can you find it easily?

ATLANTA — Do you know, for certain, where your voting precinct is? Do you know if it was moved

If not, then you're in luck. We have the answer for you.

Ordinarily, the answer would be found on your voter identification card, which was mailed out to voters last spring. Of course, that was before the coronavirus pandemic came upon us all. 

In Georgia, the Secretary of State's office has an online tool -- the My Voter Page -- that provides all registered voters in the state with information on their voting status, what precinct they are voting in, where their polling place is, a link to directions on getting there, and detailed information on exactly what is on the ballot itself. 

On the My Voter Page -- found at mvp.sos.ga.gov -- voters simply enter their first initial, last name, county of residence, and date of birth, then click "submit." 

On the following page, registered voters are presented with the exact name and address of their precinct.  There is a link to a map showing exactly where the precinct is. Of course, if the precinct location has been changed, that information is present also. 

The page will also list your U.S. Congressional District, your Georgia Senate District, and Georgia House District, with links to each of those public officials' web pages. 

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