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This is why it's critical you go to the right polling place on Election Day | How to check

It makes a big difference in how you vote

ATLANTA — It might seem obvious, but in Georgia it's pretty crucial for you to actually go to the right place when you vote on Election Day.

Going to the wrong polling location can cause a giant headache for you, or possibly prevent you from voting at all.

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The good news is there's a pretty easy way to check where you need to go.

Where to go

If you're a registered voter in Georgia, your can pull up your information easily through the My Voter Page portal on the Secretary of State's website.

Once there, you just have to put in your first initial, last name, scroll down to the county you're registered in, and add your birth date.

Credit: Georgia Secretary of State

Once you log in, you should see four boxes. The top right box should say "Polling Place for State, County, and Municipal Elections."

And that's that! It'll tell you the location's address, what time it's open and even has a link to directions on Google Maps.

Why it's important

If you go to the wrong site, according to the Secretary of State's Office, your full vote may not count. 

"If you were eligible to vote but voted in the wrong precinct, only the votes for candidates for which you were entitled to vote will be counted, and you will be notified in writing that your ballot was partially counted for your correct precinct," guidance from the Secretary of State's Office says.

Some counties may even try to send you to the right location, or make you use a provisional ballot. If you vote with a provisional ballot in Georgia, you have to go to your county elections office within three days of voting and make sure the ballot is fully approved (this also applies for other issues that may require a provisional ballot, such as if you forgot your ID).

In a conference call this week, Fulton County Elections Director Rick Barron said if you vote provisionally, it can take three times longer to process.

So if you want your vote cleanly and quickly counted on Election Day: Know where to go.

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