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How to protect yourself while voting during the pandemic

Taking extra care during Tuesday's primary election.

ATLANTA — Voters will head to the polls for Georgia's long-delayed primary on Tuesday. But voting during a pandemic can be a challenge.

Emory University is offering three tips to reduce your chances of being exposed to coronavirus at the polls.

1. Practice social distancing.

During a video briefing, Emory infectious disease physician Dr. Marybeth Sexton said that social distancing is your first line of defense.

"You do want to try to come as close to possible to that 6-foot distance between people in line," Sexton said.

2. Wear a mask to the poll.

Your second layer of protection is your mask.

"The mask you've got on probably does protect you a little bit, but mostly it protects everyone around you in line and then everyone else's masks does the same thing for you," she said.

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3. Have hand sanitizer with you along with your own writing tools.

Third, bring your own pen and hand sanitizer with you.

"If you think you may need a pen to fill out a form, bring your own, so that you don't have to touch one that other people have touched as well," Sexton said. 

Hand sanitizer will help after touching any surfaces.

"Bring hand sanitizer with you and if you do have to touch any common touch surfaces like the table or a pen and certainly the voting machines themselves, sanitize your immediately after," she said.

Dr. Sexton also said if possible, try to go vote during less crowded times, if you can.

She said that if you were at a polling location that was less crowded and the COVID-19 guidelines were not being followed, it is best to get tested after a few days.

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