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Today is the last day for you to 'cure' or fix your rejected ballot and make sure it's counted

A small amount of voters will need to resolve issues if their vote has been rejected. The deadline to do that is Friday.

ATLANTA — Voters who have had their ballots rejected have until the end of the day Friday to get the issue resolved, a process called "curing" their ballot.

If you submitted a ballot marked by hand at a drop-box or through the mail, there's a chance it was ultimately rejected at the county registrar's office.

When the county registrar's office received the ballots, election office officials checked the envelopes to ensure that they were filled out properly, with the voter's name and signature in the proper location on the rear of the envelope, and that the signature matched the signature on file with the registrar's office.

If they found an issue, they would have rejected it.

If you used an absentee ballot you can check its status here

So what you'll want to do first is check your ballot status either at the link above or through signing in at the Georgia My Voter Page portal.

If the status of the ballot is listed as "rejected," a voter has to submit voter identification, along with an affidavit confirming that the ballot submitted was, indeed, theirs, in order to "cure" the ballot.

You can usually do this in person at the county elections office, but you should probably give them a call ahead of time to see what's the best way to do it in your county.

You can find the contact information for your county's elections office here.

Once the ballot is cured, it can then be counted for the election.

And as we're seeing with how close things are in Georgia, every vote really does count.

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