ATLANTA — An Atlanta mayoral candidate's tweet regarding potential voter fraud has sparked conversation, criticism – and now a response from the mayor-elect.

Around midday on Thursday, mayoral candidate Mary Norwood sent a message through Twitter that alludes to the possibility of issues, and even intimidation, that may have prevented her own supporters from voting.

"Many voters have come forward to describe the administrative problems and voter intimidation that occurred on Election Day," Norwood wrote. "If you experienced a problem when you cast your vote, contact the Secretary of State using their Stop Voter Fraud website."

The tight race ultimately came down to a 50-50 split with opponent Keisha Lance Bottoms taking a 759 vote lead and the title of mayor-elect – at least for now. Norwood has already requested a recall and for the inclusion of provision ballots, though that remaining group of 540 votes wouldn't be enough to allow her to overtake the lead, election officials have previously stated.

The Tweet appears to be the latest in Norwood's attempt to shake out any remaining votes – but it's not sitting well with some Bottoms supporters like current mayor, Kasim Reed.

Reed also went up against Norwood in a close election in 2009 that had him in the lead by only 714 votes. This also went up for a recount and confirmed Reed the winner.

Now, Bottoms's campaign has weighed in on the statement as well adding that:

As the Norwood campaign continues to delay the certification of this election,
Mayor-elect Keisha Lance Bottoms is forming her transition team so that she will be ready to lead Atlanta on Day One.
The voters have spoken and from a clear and decisive victory, Mayor-elect Bottoms will be the 60th Mayor of Atlanta. The campaign is over; the time for governing has begun.