ATLANTA -- The Secretary of State's Office is looking into claims about missing absentee ballot requests in DeKalb County.

According to state officials, a Democratic Party of Georgia official notified them that absentee ballot requests were missing. However, in a statement, the Secretary of State's office said they didn't have any proof of the missing requests, but they are taking the complaint seriously.

“This afternoon, a Democratic Party of Georgia official notified our Elections Director, Chris Harvey, that absentee ballot requests were allegedly missing in DeKalb County. Chris Harvey and an investigator went to the county to meet with election officials. At this time, we do not have proof of any missing absentee ballot requests. We take every complaint seriously. We will continue to look into this matter. To be clear, DeKalb County has been fully cooperative thus far, and we are now waiting on evidence from Democratic Party officials to substantiate their claims.”

Thursday, Georgia Democrats urged DeKalb County voters who requested a mail-in ballot and have not received it to go to the polls and vote -- "4,700 voters may never receive ballots despite requesting" the tweet said.

According to DeKalb County officials, the absentee ballot request forms are the applications voters use to request an absentee ballot.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6.