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Georgia Senate runoff | Warnock, Walker final push for votes

Democratic incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker are each working to get their supporters to the polls Tuesday.

ATLANTA — Georgia voters have one, final chance on Tuesday to cast ballots in Georgia's contentious U.S. Senate runoff between Democrat incumbent Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker.

Monday night, Walker told his supporters at a rally in Kennesaw, “Tomorrow is very, very important.”

And at a rally in the West End in southwest Atlanta, Warnock told his supporters, “It’s wonderful to be here on this night before victory.”

Both candidates, wrapping up their grueling, bitter, battle for a seat in the Senate, urged their supports across Georgia to show up at the polls and stand in line, if they must, in the Tuesday rains, to cast their ballots.

“I’m not gonna sleep tonight,” Walker said, “Because before a big game I don’t sleep, because I’m ready. So I want y’all to be ready. A vote for my opponent is a vote for Joe Biden. A vote for me is a vote for Georgia values.”

“I need you to vote and tell everybody in your circle to vote like it is an emergency,” Warnock said. “I mean, the prospect of Herschel Walker representing you for six years, that’s an emergency. That’s a 911 emergency. You stand for me one more day, and I’ll stand up for you for six more years.”

If Warnock wins, Democrats will have a majority of 51 senators, securing the Democrats' power in the Senate.  

If Walker wins, the Senate will be split 50-50 between Republicans and Democrats, just as it has been the past two years.

Georgians are, clearly, wanting to decide the Senate’s balance of power.

So far in this runoff period, some 1.8 million Georgians have already cast their ballots – record numbers going into the final day of voting. That amounts to about half the size of the total turnout (around 4 million voters) in the general election a month ago.

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