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President Donald Trump speaks in north Georgia

What you need to know about Trump's visit to the Peach State

ROME, Ga. — On a chilly windswept evening at a regional airport in northwest Georgia, President Donald Trump showed up to a crowd of thousands of people packed into a makeshift arena.

Alongside the airport runway, they watched Air Force One drive up and the president descend. He then gave the final campaign speech in Georgia before this election and he made a particular appeal to suburban women, which is a constituency that both parties are trying to sway.

This comes as Democrats try to flip the state blue and Republicans try to keep it red.

“Will the women of the suburbs please vote for President Trump?" he said to a cheer from the crowd. "And I keep hearing from the fake news, ‘The women of the suburbs don't like Donald Trump,’ and I'm saying to myself, ‘Well I'm giving them safety, protection, and I terminated… I terminated a regulation that will ruin the suburbs and ruin the value of your house,' and you'll be fleeing the suburbs." 

"No, I did a lot for the suburbs," he added.

Trump name-checked numerous other Republicans on the ballot from David Perdue to Kelley Loeffler to Doug Collins to Marjory Taylor Greene – the latter of which is expected to win a congressional seat in northwest Georgia

And all of their fortunes could rise or fall with the president’s on election day

The campaign stop comes on the same day Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris was in Gwinnett County. Former Vice President Joe Biden was in Georgia last week. Former President Barack Obama will be in the state on Monday. 

With more than 91 million votes already cast in the 2020 election, Trump and Biden are out of time to reshape the race. Instead, they're focusing on their base and making sure that any potential supporters have either already voted or plan to do so in person on Tuesday.

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