GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Alerts are going out to 22,310 voters in Gwinnett County telling them that they could be removed from voting rolls, according to the Secretary of State's office.

These notices are known as "NGE," which essentially stands for “no activity through two general elections.” 

You might remember last year when Stacey Abrams led the effort to sue the state of Georgia after she narrowly lost the gubernatorial race to former Secretary of State Brian Kemp. 

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Abrams claimed thousands of people were illegally removed from the polls. That lawsuit is still ongoing, and it gained the attention of the Democratic-led House Committee on Oversight and Reform, which demanded Georgia hand over documents related to voter removals this past spring. 

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Around that same time, Governor Kemp signed a new law, which addresses the issue moving forward. Among other things, it requires voters be notified before they are removed. 

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If you haven't voted in the last two general elections, the state has the right to cancel your registration, but the law requires the state to notify you first, to give you a chance to confirm whether you're an active voter. 

The state is directly notifying voters in every county, but in Gwinnett, the notification process is a bit different. The county is required by federal law to provide electoral information in both English and Spanish due to the high percentage of Hispanic voters. 

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"The only difference in Gwinnett County is the notification they provide. Gwinnett County is required to provide all voting information in English and Spanish, and so we provide the documentation to Gwinnett County so that they can translate it and make it available to all of their citizens," Chris Harvey, elections director for the Georgia Secretary of State's office told 11Alive's Elwyn Lopez. 


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