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'They had me as being dead' | Voters can spot errors by checking online

Voters should check the Secretary of State's My Voter Page before going to the polls.

ATLANTA — Fulton County is adding 91 polling places in November, which the county says will increase the number by over 50 percent from the June primary.  

But it’s also likely to confuse voters who expect to vote one place but are now assigned to vote elsewhere.  

Likewise, the government can pull the registration of voters, which is what happened to Terrell Johnson of Sandy Springs. 

When Bill Clinton ran for re-election 24 years ago, Johnson said he cast his first-ever vote as a young man in Augusta.  

"I’ve been voting in Georgia basically all my life," Johnson said.

Johnson says he voted in Fulton County in the June primary and the August runoff.  Applying for a November absentee ballot, he says he checked his registration online a few weeks ago.  

"It showed me as (an) active (voter), which of course, it was," Johnson said.

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This week, he got contacted by a campaign seeking votes, which urged him to check his registration again.  Johnson says he checked the Secretary of State’s website again this week – and he says his registration was gone.

"They had me as being dead," he said, despite evidence to the contrary. "(I'm) alive and well."

Johnson had gone to the Georgia Secretary of State's website, and clicked on “Elections.” Then he selected the link marked "Where Do I Vote? (MVP)" which takes a voter to the office's My Voter Page.

On that page, after a voter enters their name, county and date of birth on the form, they are presented with information on their what precinct they are able to vote in. 

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For thousands of Fulton County voters, the location of their home precinct will change for this November's election. 

If you have requested an absentee ballot for the upcoming election, it will provide information on the status of the ballot -- when the request was received and when the ballot was issued. 

If there is an issue, it will tell you what the issue is, so that you may contact your county's election office in order to address the matter.

Johnson says Fulton County election officials confused him with a person who had recently passed away with a similar name.

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He says it is easy to check your voter status online, and that Fulton County officials are fixing his.

"They were very helpful," Johnson said.  "It shakes my confidence a little that those types of errors, like I say, could happen to lots of other people and they’d never know it until they show up on election day."

Johnson says he expects to vote absentee in November – and says he’ll keep checking until the site shows that Fulton County has received his ballot.

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