ATLANTA - Even though early voting locations had a record breaking turnout, lines on Tuesday at many polling places were long.

The enthusiasm continued even as the rain came down Election Day morning.

Voter Carmen Young told 11Alive she had plenty of other people to keep her company as she waited for her turn to cast her ballot.

"The two-hour wait in the rain was not pleasant, but I made friends along the journey," she said. "So it was good."

In Fulton County, the line extended through the parking lot onto the sidewalk outside of Morningside Baptist Church.

"This is much longer of a line than expected, but happy I'm here," one voter said. "And it's moving. Good job, Atlanta."


Some children stood in line with their parents, since many students had the day off from school.

Leslie Boleyjack had immigration on her mind.

"We are all immigrants," Boleyjack said. "We all have a voice. We all have a right to be where we are.

The land conservation amendment had Craig Maske's attention.

"Since I'm an avid fisherman, that was important, glad it was on the ballot - finally," he said.

The polls close at 7 p.m.