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Who is Gabriel Sterling?

He is one of the Georgia election officials testifying on Tuesday before the Jan. 6 Committee.
Credit: 11Alive
Gabriel Sterling during his interview with 11Alive

ATLANTA — Gabriel Sterling is one of two Georgia election officials who are testifying on Tuesday before the Jan. 6 Committee in Washington.

Sterling, a Republican, played a pivotal role in November and December 2020 during the contentious recount process in Georgia, explaining in nearly-daily press conferences what the Secretary of State's Office was doing, how their processes were working and what the outcomes were.

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In perhaps his most famous of those press conferences, he implored then-President Donald Trump to end the campaign to overturn Georgia's election results and "stop inspiring people to commit acts of violence."

"It's all gone too far," he said at the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta on Dec. 1, 2020. "All of it."

Here is a little background on Gabriel Sterling:

Who is Gabriel Sterling?

Sterling is currently the chief operating officer in the Georgia Secretary of State's Office.

Back in 2020, he was the voting system implementation manager for the Secretary of State's Office, and spent much of November that year explaining to the press and the public how Georgia's voting systems worked as the state went through a highly scrutinized recount  and audit process.

Sterling is a University of Georgia graduate with a degree in political science, and a proud Bulldog who frequently tweets about the UGA football team.

Before landing at the Secretary of State's Office, according to Sterling's public LinkedIn page he has worked with the BeltLine Tax Allocation District Advisory Committee in Atlanta, the Sandy Springs Development Authority and Landmark Communications of Georgia.

He also ran his own political and public relations consultancy, has been a Sandy Springs city councilman and served on the Sandy Springs Hospitality and Tourism Board.

Before those various roles, in the 90s he was a political operative who worked on several campaigns, including as the Georgia political director of the 1992 George H.W. Bush presidential campaign.

These days he's still dutifully providing updates on voter turnout for the Secretary of State's Office and helping Georgia elections function.


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