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Georgia legislature passes law eliminating need for permit to conceal and carry a gun

Gov. Brian Kemp said in a tweet he looked forward to signing the law.

ATLANTA — The Georgia Senate on Friday passed a final version of a gun law that will eliminate the need for a permit to conceal and carry a gun, known as "constitutional carry."

The law passed through the Senate in a 34-22 vote. It had already previously passed the House and, in a tweet, Gov. Brian Kemp said he looked forward to signing the legislation.

"I appreciate the House & Senate for their hard work to get Constitutional Carry over the finish line," the governor said. "Law-abiding Georgians deserve to ensure they can protect themselves and their families, and this legislation strengthens that God-given right."

It would still be illegal for convicted felons to carry weapons under the new law.

Previously, those who wanted a permit had to apply through their county's probate court. People had to fill out an application, submit to a background check and pay a fee of about $70. The bill eliminates much of that process. 

The key change throughout the law is in essentially removing all references to "weapons carry license" or "license holders."

For instance, one wholly removed portion of the law in Section 11 states: "Every license holder shall have his or her valid weapons carry license in his or her immediate possession at all times when carrying a weapon."

Additionally, a portion of the law was removed that made it "unlawful for any person to use or possess in any park, historic site, or recreational area any firearms other than a handgun."


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