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Bill to suspend Georgia gas tax moves to full Senate vote

It's not yet clear when the vote will happen, after a Senate committee approved the bill on Tuesday.

ATLANTA — A bill to suspend Georgia's gas tax amid a surge in prices at the pump advanced closer to becoming law on Tuesday, as a state Senate committee approved it for a full vote.

The Senate Finance Committee recommended that H.B. 304 pass by committee substitute, setting it up for a full Senate vote, though it's not yet clear when that might happen. The bill has already passed the Georgia House.

Gov. Brian Kemp said last week he was hoping to have the bill signed into law in the "next few days."

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"We realize Georgians need relief at the pump, and we're gonna get them that," Kemp said. 

The governor announced the plan to suspend the gas tax through the end of May early last week.

The move would save Georgians the current tax rate of about 29 cents per gallon at the pump.

The plan was announced to provide some relief to drivers as Russia's war in Ukraine has sent gas prices soaring.

"Because of our strong, fiscally conservative budgeting, I’m confident we will be able to provide relief to hardworking Georgians - both in the form of a tax refund and lower gas taxes," Kemp said when the plan was announced.

After it passed in the House, the governor thanked the state's House of Representatives for "helping us bring relief to hardworking Georgians by temporarily halting the state gas tax!"

Kemp said he would sign the bill "as soon as it passes."


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