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Some Republican voters in Georgia say impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden is what they want

Cycles of impeachment are a "can of worms."

WOODSTOCK, Ga. — Less than 30 percent of voters here in Cherokee County supported Joe Biden when he won the 2020 election.  

It's still a solidly Republican county where GOP voters told 11Alive they are mostly supportive of the effort to impeach President Joe Biden.

"He seems to be a crooked guy and it’d be good if they got him on something," said a man named Doug who declined to give his last name.

The story about Hunter Biden's laptop -- allegedly containing damning material concerning his contract work with Ukraine while his father was vice president -- resonated with Matt Fanoe of Woodstock.

"I mean, laptops don’t lie I don’t think," he said. "I think there’s more than supposition" connecting the elder Biden to the laptop inquiry, a story that has churned mostly through conservative sites for years.

Voter Audrey Ahrens says impeachment is overdue because Biden is "an embarrassment" and is "doing an awful job in office."

"I think the Republicans (in Congress) finally may be getting a bit of a backbone. Because he is liable for impeachment. He’s not even really senile. He’s – it doesn’t look like he’s all there," she said.

Asked if that's grounds for impeachment, she responded "no, but even with his family business, I think it’s time."

Many voters told us that Biden is fair game in part because of the two impeachments of former president Donald Trump.  But some Republican voters also told us they’re really tired of what they view as a cycle of partisan impeachments.

"We’ve allowed our nation to get to a point where people cry foul if they don’t get their way on anything. And this is just an extension of that," said GOP voter Vicki Davis.

"It seems to me today impeachment just gets thrown around because we don’t agree with people’s views but it needs to be restricted for things that really are impeachable offenses," added Fanoe, though he added he thinks Biden has crossed that line.

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