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Thousands removed from Georgia voting rolls | Here's why

In total, the number amounts to about 189,000 voters in this current cycle.

ATLANTA — Thousands of voters have been taken off Georgia's voter lists, according to the Secretary of State's office.

In total, the number amounts to about 189,000 voter registrations have been canceled in this current cycle, according to a spokesperson with the office.

Why does this happen?

Those in support of voter purges say it is a good way to keep the list clean and know who may have died or even moved from the state. In addition, supporters claim the process protects against potential fraud.

Georgia's Secretary of State office uses their membership with the Electronic Registration Information Center, a system that reports changes in voter data, to keep up with maintenance in preparation for election cycles.

On the other hand, opponents argue the process could remove people who might only be active for particular elections and, by inactivating their status, it could reduce the likelihood they're going to re-register.

The most recent cut accounts for about 2% of Georgia's registered voters.

However, political scientist Dr. Andra Gillespie with Emory University claims that number could still make or break a race, adding "these are the types of races where the difference between if some of those voters did decide to not vote, it could actually be consequential."

How can I check my voter status?

Thankfully, this process is fairly easy. All you have to do is go to the My Voter Page on the Secretary of State website.

All you will need is your Georgia ID or driver's license number.

What to do if you are at risk?

The secretary of state's office said they are sending those at risk a notice through the mail. Instructions will be included about the next action steps needed to avoid cancellation.

Officials also added if voters have fallen into an inactive status, they can still vote. They will need to contact their county's election office or they will be at risk of removal.

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