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Visitors stop by the Carter Center to reflect on Jimmy Carter's legacy

One day after the announcement about the former president's health, visitors went to the center to reflect on his work.

ATLANTA — The Carter Center in Atlanta, which was founded in 1982 by former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn, has become a place for people to come and reflect on the life and work of the 39th president.

Over the years, the Carter Center has been at the heart of President Carter's work post-presidency, including initiatives addressing poverty, alleviating homelessness, and observing elections among others.

Robert Bryant, a visitor to the Carter Center, said that Carter was the first president he voted for and that he had the chance to meet him years later at a Braves game. Bryant believes that the work done by the Carter Center is as meaningful as the man the building is named after.

Many locals and visitors have stopped by the Carter Center to pay their respects after the recent announcement about the former president's health. Lowell Dashevsky, a visitor, said he was just hoping that Carter was resting comfortably with family and friends and loved ones close by.

Joey Hannaford, another visitor to the center, said that Carter's time as president was not the most important thing to her. Instead, Hannaford found the way Carter has lived his life since then to be very inspiring, and she believes that few people have lived as thoroughly as Carter has.

Nancy Roarabaugh, who also visited the center, described Carter as a "good human person, loving, kind, gentle man," and said that the world could use more of that.

President Carter's work has had a significant impact on many people, and the Carter Center continues to be a place where visitors can come to reflect on his legacy.

The Carter Center has created a web page where people are able to send well-wishes to the Carter family on its website. 

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