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Kemp, Cagle rush to support Georgia gun maker facing 'discrimination'

ATLANTA - The two Republicans running for Governor of Georgia are coming to the defense of a gun manufacturer in Gainesville. The gun maker says he’s being targeted by credit card payment firms.

Gainesville is Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle's hometown, but his GOP rival Brian Kemp pounced first.

Brian Kemp says he was “incredibly bothered” by the treatment of Gainesville gunmaker Honor Defense. Casey Cagle said there was a “double standard” targeting the gun maker.

Honor Defense has been in business for only two and a half years, making smaller “single stack” nine-millimeter handguns. In recent weeks, a credit card processing company called Stripe stopped helping Honor Defense with its online sales because it makes firearms, according to Honor Defense founder Gary Ramey.

"When Stripe found out we were a firearms maker, they said 'we will no longer process your credit cards online," Ramey told 11Alive News.

Honor Defense sells guns only to federally licensed gun dealers, Ramey said.

"I think there’s no question this is a liberal agenda to attack gun manufacturers and to drive their issue," Cagle told 11Alive News.

Cagle, who killed a tax break for Delta Air Lines over its treatment of NRA members, says he’ll fight what he calls discrimination against Honor Defense.

"And I think the state has to take action," he said.

Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who has made guns a centerpiece of his advertising, likewise says the state should “specifically prohibit this type of discrimination. We must fight for those who provide the weapons we need to protect our families and loved ones.”