The federal trial for 25-year-old Augusta NSA contractor Reality Leigh Winner will begin Oct. 23.

At a status conference on Tuesday, the defense team of John Bell and Titus Nichols said they were pleased with the trial date, and when they would be receiving all of the government's information in the case.

Prosecutors anticipate having all of their discovery documentation filed by Aug. 25.

Winner has been accused of leaking classified information about Russia to the media. Prosecutors say she emailed a highly classified document to The Intercept, who in turn published the report online.

The report claims Russian military intelligence hacked at least one unnamed voting software supplier in the United States, and attempted to gain access to more than 100 local election officials prior to last November's general election.

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"What makes the case unique is that we're dealing with national security information," said defense attorney Titus Nichols. "We've been assigned a third-party, a confidential information security officer. That individual will have the responsibility of protecting and safeguarding any classified information."

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Winner's Augusta, Ga., home was also searched, and authorities discovered a number of items -- including a notepad with handwriting in Farsi, which will be translated and reviewed; two computers, a tablet and four cell phones.

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