CHICAGO -- If a past president isn't dodging jury duty, you probably can't either.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Barack Obama has been called to jury duty in Cook County - and he intends to serve.

The Tribune, citing Chief Judge Tim Evans, said that courthouse officials would work to accommodate his additional security.

“Obviously we will make certain that he has all the accouterments that accompany a former president,” Evans told the paper.

But Evans said that Obama's representative made it "crystal clear" that Obama would carry out the public duty that many dread.

That also makes him part of a pretty interesting club. Other big names that have shown up to jury duty in the same county include Oprah Winfrey and even Mr. T.

Also among the jurors that day will likely be another familiar face - NBC's Lester Holt. While he won't be there in person, the Tribune reports that each juror watches a decades-old video of the NBC Nightly News host explaining jury duty. Holt is a former news anchor in Chicago.

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