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Trump's base calls his debate performance 'passionate' at Pence appearance

Pence collects 'Attaboys' for Trump at Cobb County gathering on the day following the first presidential debate.

ATLANTA — Vice President Mike Pence spent Tuesday afternoon in Cobb County with a group of Christian conservatives on the heels of a "crazy" presidential debate Tuesday evening.

The Faith and Freedom Coalition, founded by Ralph Reed, wields considerable influence at the Georgia State Capitol. 

Vice President Pence spoke in the same room that President Trump spoke in last Friday. But many of the visitors here were every bit as much intrigued by President Trump’s appearance Tuesday night on the national debate stage.

"I watched it. It was a little bit crazy," said Art Gallegos Jr., of Gainesville.

"It was a bit of a mess," added Marilyn Krone of Buckhead, both of whom were in attendance in Cobb County.

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These were affectionate observations from hearty Trump supporters who helped fill a room focused on religious conservatism.

"I believe Trump is doing the best he can as a man of God and also as supporting the evangelical community," said Samerra Dean of Sandy Springs. "I believe he stands up for us as evangelicals."

They were here for Vice President Mike Pence – who, unlike the president, identifies as an evangelical Christian, and who also watched Tuesday night’s debate.

"President Donald Trump knows how to fight for what we believe in and he won that presidential debate hands down," Pence told the crowd to thunderous applause. 

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The president’s debate style was just fine with conservatives who already had no intention of changing their minds in the presidential race.

"He fights back. And I think if he would have set back a little bit and let (former Vice President Joe) Biden hang himself, he would have done better," Krone said. "But he got a lot of points across in between the chaos."

"I think President Trump is very passionate about what he believes in," added Dean. "I believe in how he conducted himself, he’s a very passionate man and strong in his belief system."