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New audio released of Trump call to Georgia elections investigator

This is a different call than the one with the secretary of state.

ATLANTA — The Wall Street Journal released details about another phone call between President Trump and Georgia election officials regarding the November election. This call was with the Georgia Secretary of State's chief investigator during the signature match audit in Cobb County that took place in December.

According to the six-minute phone call with chief investigator Frances Watson, obtained by the Wall Street Journal, Trump repeated several times that he won the state of Georgia and said, "something bad happened."

This is a different call from the one Trump had with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and other state officials where he asked them to find the exact number of votes he would need to win Georgia. Here's the full transcript of that call. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis previously announced an investigation into Trump's phone call with Raffensperger, to determine if a criminal act was committed. (You can listen to the full phone call between Trump and Raffensperger here.)

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During the December call with Investigator Watson, the president encouraged her to move the investigation from Cobb to Fulton County, saying, "if you can get to Fulton, you are going to find things that are going to be unbelievable."

The Secretary of State's office later said no fraud was ever found during audits or recounts in any county.

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In another part of the call with Watson, Trump told her, "When the right answer comes out, you'll be praised."

Investigator Watson responded back, "I can assure you that our team and the (Georgia Bureau of Investigation), that we are only interested in the truth and finding the information that is based on the facts."

The final margin between President Trump and President Joe Biden was 11,779 votes. These results came after a third re-tallying of more than 5 million ballots. It accounts for a 0.24% difference between the two candidates.

Here's how the final counts ended:

  • First count:13,558
  • Second count after the audit: 12,284
  • Final count after the recount: 11,779

After crunching the numbers, it means that the election was 99.965% accurate marking the first time since President Bill Clinton that a democrat carried the state. 

By a large margin of electoral college votes, President Trump lost his reelection bid to Biden.

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