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New craft beer legislation aims to loosen laws

Want to buy a keg at your favorite Georgia craft brewery? You may be able to do that soon, thanks to new legislation.

ATLANTA — New legislation introduced last week in the Georgia legislature would loosen the laws governing Georgia’s craft brewers.

Senate Bill 152 (SB 152) has 3 important tenets:

  • Eliminate the daily sales cap for breweries: This would allow them to sell more product, perhaps even kegs or multiple cases, to an individual.
  • Double the amount of beer breweries can distribute each year: Currently, Georgia’s brewers can only distribute 5,000 barrels of beer each year. SB 152 would increase that amount to 10,000 barrels.
  • Allow breweries to sell beer from other brewers: Brewers can only sell their product. However, the craft brewing family likes to support itself. So the new law would let brewers sell beer from their neighbors or, perhaps, even breweries in other states with which they collaborate.

A change in the laws governing Georgia’s craft beer operations a few years ago has opened up new avenues of commerce and helped expand the industry in the Peach State.


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