As we wrap up 2017, 11Alive is taking a look back at the accomplishments of President Donald Trump's first year in office.

11Alive's Ryan Kruger highlighted some of the president's campaign promises to see which ones he kept, and which ones are still up in the air.

Muslim Ban

On the campaign trail, then-candidate Trump called for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States. He later backtracked that idea, calling instead for "extreme vetting." On Jan. 27, just a week after his inauguration, Trump signed an executive order halting all refugees from several primarily-Muslim countries. The order was struck down by several judges, but earlier this month, the Supreme Court ruled it could take effect while legal challenges against it continue.

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Repealing and Replacing the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare

This one straddles the fence. The President tried mightily to get Congress to pass a different health care bull, but it died at the final moment, thanks to key holdouts from Republican officials.

The President was, however, able to dismantle a key piece of the healthcare law: a mandate requiring Americans to have insurance or facing a fine. The new tax plan, which was just approved by Congress and signed into law by Trump, gets rid of that mandate.

Speaking of the new tax plan...

Tax Reform

This is a campaign promise kept by Trump. Though the process was much criticized, Congressional Republicans were able to ram through their tax reform bill before Christmas.

Tax reform kicks in in February.

Guaranteed six weeks of paid leave

Promise not kept.

Trump said he wanted to provide six weeks of paid maternity leave to any mother of a newborn, whose employer does not provide the benefit. However, there's been little sign of progress on this policy.

Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capitol

The President did so this month, to much criticism from the rest of the world and the United Nations. The announcement also included plans to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, though that move could take many years. Still, it is considered a win for his Evangelical Christian base and pro-Israel supporters.

A border wall, paid for by Mexico

This is a promise not kept. Though the president has erected prototype walls along the border, no "bricks" have been laid and Mexico's leaders are adamant they would never pay for any of it. And if Americans got stuck with the bill, critics say the cost could make it a non-starter.

Ban on White House officials lobbying foreign governments

Promise kept. He signed an executive order regarding it in January.