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President-elect Joe Biden in Atlanta campaigns for Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate

Biden urged Georgians to vote for the two Democrats in the U.S. Senate runoff election.

ATLANTA — The soon-to-be leader of the free world, President-elect Joe Biden, appeared in Atlanta Wednesday to try to convince voters, who gave him a narrow victory in Georgia over President Donald Trump, to turn out again.

This time it's for the Democrats running in the state’s two U.S. Senate runoffs races; if they win, control of the Senate will shift from Republicans to Democrats.

“Send me these two men and we will control the Senate and we’ll change the lives of people in Georgia,” Biden said, as people honked their car horns in approval.

At a drive-in rally in east Atlanta, Biden praised Democrat Senate candidates Rev. Rafael Warnock, who is running against Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler; and Jon Ossoff, who is running against GOP incumbent David Perdue.

“I need (these) two Senators from this state,” Biden said, referring to Ossoff and Warnock. “I want to get something done. Not two Senators who are just going to get in the way, because, look, getting nothing done just hurts Congress."

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“We need to make sure Joe Biden can pass his agenda,” Ossoff told the crowd at the rally. "If Mitch McConnell controls the Senate, they’re going to try to do to Joe and Kamala just like they tried to do to President Obama. We can’t let that happen, Georgia!”

Warnock had a similar message.

“We say to America, welcome to the new Georgia, welcome to the blue Georgia!” Warnock said.

“But our work is not done. Georgia deserves two United States Senators who will not be thinking about themselves."

Senator Perdue told supporters who were cheering him at a rally on Monday, “With your help, we’re going to win Georgia and save America!”

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"This is about the future of the country," Sen. Loeffler said at a rally Tuesday evening in Woodstock, in Cherokee County, warning what she said Biden would do if she and Perdue lose, and the Democrats gain control of the Senate.

“I know together we are going to stop socialism right here in Georgia," she said. "My opponents would back an agenda that would bring socialism to our country... it's too radical for Georgia and it's not right for America."

On Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to return to Georgia, campaigning again for Loeffler and Perdue, to try to keep the Senate red -- all while early voting, which began on Monday, continues across the state.

The runoff races are set for Jan. 5. 

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