ATLANTA -- A group of Georgia representatives are pushing a bill that would require a public list of non-residents who have been arrested and released in the state.

House Bill 452 was spearheaded by Rep. Jesse Petrea of Savannah but also co-sponsored by Bill Hitchens of Rincon, Alan Powell of Hartwell, Bert Reeves and Matt Dollar of Marietta and Heath Clark of Warner Robins.

The bill would require jails in each county or municipality to report in to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on a monthly basis with a list of each person who had been arrested and is not a citizen of the United States.

The proposed law would include "if known and applicable, such person's legal name; aliases; nationality; immigration status" as well as the Homeland Security identification number, Form I-551 identification umber and employment authorization document card number.

The list would also go into criminal history, showing current violations or charges and a "notation of all known prior arrests and convictions" in the United States.

This information would then be compiled and posted publicly by the GBI on the twentieth of each month. The bill would also require jails to release information regarding who was released from custody, who was not released into the custody of another agency and who, at the time of the release, was subject to an immigration detainer request by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

For jails that decide not to comply, the law would allow the state to withhold funding - both from Georgia and federal funding administered by the state.