ATLANTA — As the top Democrats in Georgia walked into the Hyatt downtown for their annual state dinner, they were greeted by protesters.

A group of activists called for politicians to do more to end police brutality.

"We still have an issue of police brutality in Georgia," explained Gerald Griggs, an attorney and activist.

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Oct. 22 is historically a day to speak out against allegations of police brutality. The date also coincided with the Democrat's annual gathering.

"We are coming to some of the most powerful politicians in Georgia and asking 'when are you going to stop this?'" Griggs said. "They say they speak on our behalf and our platform. Well, it's time to start implementing legislation that ends the issue we are protesting."

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The message outside resonated inside the Democratic fundraiser.

Rep. Bee Nguyen (D-Atlanta) said she stands with the protesters.

"I want to recognize everyone that is standing outside the hotel room," Nguyen said.

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"As Georgia Democrats, we need to ask our law enforcement to protect our most vulnerable, that's what being a Georgia democrat is all about," she said.


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