ATLANTA -- For the fourth week in a row, a crowd of roughly a hundred ralliers gathered outside the Atlanta office of Sen. David Perdue.

But it's not just the fourth straight week of rallies. It's the fourth straight week of one-way rallies, as demands for a public, town-hall meeting with Sen. Perdue have gone unanswered.

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Activists, organizers and general Georgians showed up at Perdue’s downtown office at 191 Peachtree on Valentine’s Day. And while it may be a holiday, for this group, the local peg to a national movement, the gathering has become tradition every Tuesday.

Those in attendance came with Valentine-themed signs covering a litany of progressive points: from anger over support for now Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to passionate pleas for LGBTQ rights.

But their ultimate goal? Getting an in-person meeting with the senator from Georgia, who has thus far shown no signs of responding, either in person or in general.

"The more I read transcripts or see him talking, I'm disappointed," one activist told 11Alive’s Matt Pearl.

PHOTOS | Protesters rally outside Sen. David Perdue's Atlanta office

Several Perdue staffers have claimed the protesters are being bankrolled, but those protesting say they just want their concerns heard.

"I think that is the ultimate insult to people in your state with homemade signs,” another protester said. “To be here and talk to you, and you're not listening."

While their demands have continued to go unanswered, organizers have promised to continue their Tuesday tradition until they get a response.