ALBANY, Ga. -- Stacey Abrams is making her final pitch as Georgia voters prepare to head to the voting booth Tuesday.

"Tomorrow could make history in Georgia," she said at a stop on her final bus tour Monday.

It's one of the reasons she's in coastal Georgia the day before election day touting her message for health care, education and jobs.

"We will create debt free college in the state of Georgia but...we have to do more than educate. We have to be a state that's all about Georgia. That means supporting our existing businesses but putting our money where our mouths are when it comes to creating jobs in all 159 counties.," Abrams said.

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In a DeKalb County campaign office -- the job to get the candidate elected is now in critical mode.

Volunteers are casting a wide net but are also focusing on areas in south DeKalb that tend to show lower voter activity.

Between Friday and Sunday evening -- teams of volunteers knocked on at least 3,600 doors and 12,000 in DeKalb. It's one of the critical counties Abrams must pick up if she plans to be the next governor of Georgia.

"Let's be clear, I don't want anyone to vote for me because I'm black and no one on the ballot needs the vote because we're women. And I don't even want you to vote for us just because we're democrats. You need to vote for us because we're better," she said.

Tuesday she’ll wake up in Albany and then make her way on that bus tour to Atlanta by the afternoon on election day.