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Congress tackles next stimulus check details as $600 unemployment boost draws to a close

Senator David Perdue expressed confidence that the country would continue moving up out of COVID's economic doldrums.

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate was back in session, on Monday, as Congress starts hammering out the details of a second stimulus check - this as a current unemployment boost reaches its end.

That $600 federal boost to unemployment is set to end next week, putting its future in question. However, Senator David Perdue suggests there are still aspects of this being worked out.

“The disincentive that that $600 premium has been applied to is that it really has kept a lot of people in Georgia from coming back to work,” Perdue said. “Having said that, the unemployment benefits, not the premium but the unemployment benefits, for people who don't - who can't - go back yet, that's being looked at.”

Perdue said he gets calls from people saying they’re having trouble accessing their benefits at the state level but believes that the country’s climb from current economic situations will continue.

“I believe we're working our way through that and I still believe that the economy is going to continue to reopen at a pretty fast pace,” he said.

Senator Perdue said he expects to vote on the second stimulus package within the next two weeks. It would still be a few weeks beyond that before Americans would receive any money. 

Checks for that first stimulus were sent out 19 days after it became law; so, that would, in this timeline, have checks arriving toward the end of August.


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