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Support for presidential, U.S. Senate candidates by race, age, gender

The efforts to sway voters in the state are ramping up. Here's a look at how support shapes out for the candidates, according to an 11Alive SurveyUSA poll.

ATLANTA — An exclusive 11Alive SurveyUSA poll shows that the presidential candidates are basically tied in Georgia.

This could explain why the efforts to sway voters in the state are ramping up. President Donald Trump is expected to hold a rally in Macon on Friday, which will be his second trip to Georgia in a month.

Three weeks ago, he was in metro Atlanta stumping for Black voters, trying to sway a group that historically has voted Democratic. And earlier this week, Joe Biden's wife, Jill, campaigned in metro Atlanta. The president's son, Donald Trump, Jr., was also here on the same day. 

The Biden campaign announced on Wednesday that Sen. Kamala Harris' husband, Doug Emhoff, will travel to Georgia on Sunday, Oct. 18.

Below is a look at the race for the White House broken down by race, gender and age.

Support for presidential candidates


The 11Alive poll shows that only 7% of Black voters back President Trump. This is compared to the 89% who support Joe Biden.

When it comes to Hispanic voters, Biden has 63% compared to the president's 36%.

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More men support President Trump - 53% to Biden's 40%. That same margin flips when you look at women: 55% said they're voting for Biden.

For months now in the polls, support for the Republican party among suburban women in Georgia has been shifting from solid to spotty.


The the largest divide in the presidential races comes when you look at age. 

People ages 18 to 49 support Biden, while those over 50 favor President Trump.

Support for U.S. Senate candidates

And while the presidential races is a key one around the country, the U.S. Senate races in Georgia are also getting a lot of attention. One of them is a special election. 

Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler is hoping to keep her seat after Gov. Brian Kemp appointed her when Republican Johnny Isakson retired. But the battle won't be easy as U.S. Rep. Doug Collins pushes for the job. This all comes as Raphael Warnock is seen as a top contender in the race for many Democrats. There are also several other names on the ballot in this race.

The 11Alive SurveyUSA poll shows that Loeffler has fallen slightly behind Warnock. Collins, who is leaving his seat in the House to try for the Senate, comes in third.

Here's a look at how this special election is shaping up by race and age, according to the 11Alive SurveyUSA poll.


When you break down the numbers by race, Loeffler earns the most support from white voters at 38%; Loeffler is followed by Collins. 

However, Warnock has commanding lead among Black voters, where he garners 59%. Loeffler and Collins earned just 5% and 3%, respectively. 

The lines are less clear among Hispanic voters. Among those surveyed, Warnock and Collins are just 4 percentage points apart. 


Warnock leads across all age groups, but not by much. The divide is greater at either end of the age spectrum. He earns the most percentage points among voters ages 18 to 34 and those 65 years and older. 

Loeffler narrows the gap among voters age 35 to 64. 

Collins is just 3 points behind Warnock among the youngest voters age group. 

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