People who lease vehicles are in for a tax increase in 2018, dental hygienists can clean your teeth without a dentist being present, and fire departments are now required to have insurance to pay cancer claims.

These are among some of the new laws going into effect on Jan. 1, 2018.

HB 340: Lawmakers overhauled the state's system for taxing vehicles in 2012, eliminating sales and property taxes on cars in favor of a new, 7 percent fee. One result of that restructuring is that Georgians who lease vehicles are taxed at higher levels than before, meaning that residents who lease their vehicles are now taxed at the same rate as those who own them. (Full law)

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Georgia's revenues could be lowered by more than $200 million over five years, on top of $161 million in lost revenue for local governments.

HB 146: Besides having insurance for cancer claims, House Bill 146 requires local fire departments to provide a lump sum to any firefighter diagnosed with certain types of cancer and up to three years of disability to firefighters who can't work because of injury or illness.

Firefighters also can receive special health insurance plans to cover expenses from work-related cancers. (Full law)

HB 154: Also in 2018, dental hygienists can provide basic dental care at certain sites without a dentist in attendance. The law is meant to expand dental care access to children and elderly residents.

Hygienists will be allowed to clean teeth, apply sealants and provide fluoride treatment. (Full law)

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HB 155: Also going into effect on Jan. 1, 2018, is the Georgia Music Investment Act, which gives a 15 percent tax incentive to music projects or tours in Georgia.

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