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Georgia election worker who became Trump target named JFK Profile in Courage Award winner

Shaye Moss faced a wave of threatening messages, phone calls and even people appearing at her home after she became the target of election fraud conspiracists.

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A Fulton County election worker who became one of the central fixations of 2020 election fraud conspiracies and then endured an immense harassment campaign is being honored for her contributions to democracy.

Wandrea "Shaye" Moss is one of five Profile in Courage Award winners being honored this year by the JFK Presidential Library.

Moss faced a wave of threatening messages, phone calls and even people appearing at her home after she became the target in late 2020 and early 2021 of President Donald Trump and supporters of his insisting Georgia's election results had been fraudulently manipulated.

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She was among a handful of election workers at State Farm Arena who counted ballots late into the early morning after Election Night, after most workers, observers and media members had left due to a misunderstanding about whether counting was done for the night.

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State and local officials pressed for counting to resume after it had stopped, and surveillance video of the events at State Farm Arena was seized on by former President Trump and conspiracists pushing the fraud narrative.

Last year, Reuters reported in extensive detail on the campaign that followed against Moss and her mother.

"The two women told Reuters about threats of lynching and racial slurs, along with alarming visits by strangers to (their) homes," that report said. "Moss, 37, avoided leaving her home except for work and said she remains wracked with anxiety and depression."

The JFK Library profile of Moss says she "mostly handles voter applications and absentee ballot requests" and "helps to process the vote count on Election Day."

"In the wake of a close vote that tipped the state of Georgia to Joe Biden, Trump and his supporters falsely accused Moss of processing fake ballots for Biden during the late-night hours of Election Day," the profile notes. "After being identified and targeted by Trump and his followers, Moss received so many death threats and racist taunts that she was forced to change her appearance and go into hiding."

Despite "the onslaught of random, undeserved, and malicious attacks," the profile states, Moss continued her work remotely and still now serves with the Fulton County Department of Registration & Elections "doing the hard and unseen work to run our democracy."

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