A metro Atlanta police department has responded to a local radio personality after he live-streamed a traffic stop alleging he was pulled over for running a yellow light.

Steve Rickman, who goes by Southside Steve Rock 100.5, posted the video on Saturday.

"Well," he said as he pointed his phone out the window toward a Johns Creek police SUV. "Not a good day."

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The rock DJ then goes on to explain his side of the story, claiming he drove through a light that had just turned yellow and was immediately pulled over by a Johns Creek police officer. That officer, he said, gave him a ticket for running a red light.

"So I ease out and I have to go and it's yellow," Rickman said. "Keep in mind, three other people are in the far right lane also running the yellow light."

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Rickman said he explained to the officer that he "cautiously went under a yellow light" to which the officer responded, "I guess we're going to court."

Rickman then went on to talk about the frustration of taking time from his day and from the court to fight the charge and the three points on his license that could come with it.

"I have a perfect driving record, I've taken my time coming home from a promotion - just doing my job, that's all," he said. "And I swear it was yellow - it just turned yellow."

The radio host went on to call the ticket ridiculous and even plugged his show before asking his viewers if he should sign the ticket.

By Monday morning, that video had been viewed just shy of 7,000 times and had received 178 comments. With so many views, it's not surprising that authorities on Johns Creek watched as well.

And then came their response: a still from a dash camera titled "South-side Steve running a red light in The Creek."

The photo was posted as a rebuttal to Rickman's claims and both his radio station and personal pages are tagged.

The radio show's website, BaileyandSouthside.com has also posted a poll of the stop where votes appear to be evenly split over whether he handled the stop correctly or overreacted.