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YouTuber from Georgia recovering after serious accident

Jake Koehler, known as Scuba Jake on social media and DALLMYD on YouTube listed out his injuries in a recent video, but said how lucky he was to be alive.
Credit: DALLMYD/YouTube
Jake Koehler AKA DALLMYD and Scuba Jake after an accident

ORLANDO, Fla — A popular Youtuber, scuba diver and treasure hunter with Georgia ties is recovering after a serious accident in Florida.

Jake Koehler, known as Scuba Jake on Twitter and DALLMYD on YouTube released a video on Friday giving some details about what happened and how he's doing.

"Just a quick update, I'm in Orlando Florida right now in an emergency room," he said. 

Koehler said he broke his shoulder, tore muscles and tendons and got 13 screws and a metal plate in his arm.

"I don't know if I'm going to make videos here in the next few weeks, he said. "This is like a worst-case scenario. 

He said that he was awaiting transportation to another hospital for surgery at the time and added that he wanted to let fans know what was going on.

The Columbus, Georgia native broke down in tears as he described the situation and the pain he was in from the accident. However, he assured his nearly 10 million YouTube followers that he was OK.

"If there's not videos in the next couple of days, I just want y'all to know that I'm freakin hurting," he said with a slight laugh. "But I'll give you guys updates as I get them in."

He has since added a second part to the video that came after his surgery and said "I believe, they've fixed my arm" but said he hadn't looked at it just yet.

He then turned the camera around to show all those who were in the hospital with him adding how blessed and lucky he was after such a traumatic event.

Koehler has made a name for himself on YouTube since he started his YouTube channel in 2011 and has attracted a massive following for dives all over the world. Many are in exotic locations but some bring him back home to Georgia, where he's made some unusual discoveries.


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