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'You're a racist' ... 'I know I am': Chatham County Sheriff's Office worker fired over McDonald's rant

Incident was caught on video. Employee hasn't been identified.

(Ed note: The video appears in a tweet at the bottom of this story. Both the tweet and the video contain strong language.)

SAVANNAH, Ga. -- A Georgia sheriff's employee has been fired over a video that shows him harassing a 19-year-old Latina woman for speaking Spanish at a McDonald's and then admitting to being a racist.

Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher tells reporters that the man has been fired from the department, but declined to identify the man or provide his job title. 

The expletive-filled video shared on Twitter shows the white man confronting Cristina Riofrio for speaking Spanish to her friends, saying she probably came over on a boat.

At one point, Riofrio says "I'm videoing this. You're a racist," to which the man replies, "I know I am." 

She again calls him a racist, and he says, "Yep, that's who I am. Me. That's me."

Riofrio says the man shouldn't be proud of that fact just before an off-screen employee tells the man he needs to leave.

"He came and sat beside me and started to talk to my friends and I," she explained in a later tweet. "When someone has the face to tell me to stop speaking my NATIVE language, and starts harassing me verbally, I WILL defend myself."

Riofrio tweeted on Wednesday that she was thankful for all the support after she learned of the man's firing.

The video was posted to Twitter on Saturday.

(Warning: strong language)


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