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'Show you what my ancestors did to your kind' | Racist video stirs outrage at Tenn. boarding school

The school said the incident resulted in "disciplinary measures, including expulsion."

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — (Editor's note: The video above this article is from a separate story in Fulton County, Ga. in 2022.)

A viciously racist video that circulated from a student at a Chattanooga boarding school stirred outrage among parents and alumni and has resulted in unspecified expulsions

Local 3 News, the NBC affiliate in Chattanooga, first reported on the video and its contents. It shows what appears to be a student of the all-boys prep academy The McCallie School using proudly and even violently racist language.

It's unclear if the student, whose age or grade level was unknown, was directing the message at any intended target. The video was uploaded to Snapchat, according to Local 3 News.

The school in a tweeted statement on Sunday said it had been "made aware of a video containing racist comments."

"Racism of any form is not tolerated at McCallie and violates our community standards," the tweets said. "The matter was promptly investigated. The school immediately enacted disciplinary measures, including expulsion."

The school did not say specifically that it was the student who recorded the video, or a second who appeared in it, that was expelled.

The racist statements in the video include the student saying, "You're gonna be on your knees calling me master before you know it, boy," and, "Watch your step, (expletive) boy. I'll show you what my ancestors did to your kind."

Other statements include references to whipping, "monkey boy" and, "I'll burn you on a mother(expletive) cross."

Local 3 News obtained a letter to parents sent from the head of the school, Lee Burns, saying in part: "What was said on that video saddens and angers me in many ways, most especially for our Black students... I am sorry for the pain and hurt it caused. There is no place at McCallie for making comments that demean an individual based on race, religion, country, sexual orientation, ethnicity or any other identity marker."

According to Local 3 News, both the head of the school's Black alumni network and the president of the area NAACP chapter intend to meet with school officials over the video.

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