GRANTVILLE, Ga. — The last three defendants accused in what investigators called a "heinous murder" of an 83-year-old woman have finally been sentenced. This comes more than two years after she was beaten, set on fire, and then died from her injuries.

On Aug. 4, 2016, prosecutors say a group of suspects went to Dorothy "Dot" Dow's home in the Lone Oak Community in Grantville. Authorities said she was sleeping when the suspects broke in and ransacked the place.

But then, the crime took a disturbing turn. During the investigation, law enforcement said the suspects asked Dow about the whereabouts of another relative. She told them she didn't know. 

Authorities said the suspects attacked her and poured a flammable liquid on Dow and set her on fire. She was taken to the hospital and died weeks later.

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One defendant in the case, Mina C. Ellery, was sentenced to life in prison last year. Now, the last three defendants have been sentenced in the brutal murder case.

"I am pleased with the outcome of the sentences related to these case investigations and that the victim's family was satisfied in justice being served, although these sentences will never replace their loved one, Mrs. 'Dot' Dow, that was lost in this senseless horrific crime," Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith said in a news release. 


Angel Latrice Harmon pleaded guilty on April 16 and was handed down a life sentenced for felony murder. Harmon also pleaded guilty to burglary - 1st degree and was given 20 years to serve concurrently. The other charges Harmon will serve time for is aggravated assault and home invasion.

As for Justin Peirce Grady and Cortavious Deshun Heard, they both were sentenced to life without parole for malice murder. They also pleaded guilty to armed robbery, home invasion, and aggravated battery. 

The sheriff's office said these three defendants are awaiting transfer to the Georgia Department of Corrections to begin serving their prison sentences.