FLOYD COUNTY. Ga. — Days after a stray cat was brought to their rescue center with an arrow lodged in its head, that group says there's no doubt in their mind the act was intentional.

On Saturday, Kristy Larue with cat rescue organization Floyd Felines and Friends said a Floyd County man brought in the stray that he often fed. The cat had a crossbow arrow sticking out of its head, but miraculously, the cat was alive and purring.

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The man called Floyd County Police, and a short time later, the cat ended up in Larue's hands with the rescue group. She's now taking care of the cat, who they named Floyd Mayweather.

"We named him after a boxer because we knew he had to a fighter to make it through this," she told 11Alive's Joe Henke.

Larue remembered being in shock, having never seen anything like it before. But she also felt relieved to see the little fighter alert and calm.

Veterinarians took X-rays of Floyd's head, which showed the arrow lodged into his skull. Somehow, the weapon failed to reach his brain. Floyd headed into surgery at Culbreth Carr Watson Animal Clinic in Rome, Georgia to remove the arrow. While the cat certainly had a long way to go to being fully recovered, Larue said Floyd is taking it all in stride.

"It was kind of touch and go, because we had to watch for certain things, like you would with any kind of concussion or brain injury or skull fracture," she said. "But he just breezed right through it. It has really been kind of amazing."

Now, with the arrow removed, Larue said Floyd County Police are looking for the person responsible. She believes the injury was no accident, and wants someone to be held accountable.

"100 percent believe it was intentionally done. Where the arrow was in his head it had to have been something at point-blank range," she said. "This needs to stop. If it is kids or an adult that would do something like this, it needs to be brought to justice."

As far as Floyd is concerned, though, everything is perfect. He still has an appetite for a good meal, and soon should be up for adoption.