MARIETTA — With only days away from Meghan Markle's walk down the aisle, Windsor Castle is busy preparing for a royal reception.

In metro-Atlanta, the Queen's Pantry is also preparing for a watch party full of traditional British treats.

"It's a big event for the Brits," Mary Docker said. "And I think also a big event for most Americans."

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Anticipation has been building at the specialty store in Marietta, where customers have been busy shopping for the big day.

"Everybody loves a happy wedding and also you've just had the birth of Prince Louis," Docker said. "So people are still in royal mood. But, here I think it's stronger because at last they have an American involved."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, an unconventional couple, putting their twist on royal tradition. The couple taking a departure from the typical wedding cake.

"Cakes have traditionally been a really heavy fruitcake," Docker explained, "Then cover it with marzipan, and then we use royal icing which is a very hard, firm icing. William and Kate had something like eleven layers but then they have thousands of people at their wedding," Docker said.

Meghan and Harry opting for a lemon elderflower cake, one of the sneak peak details revealed by Kensington Palace. The 600 guests are also set to enjoy chocolate truffles and canapes, the latter a typical option for wedding receptions.

"The wedding breakfast which is served to all the guests is usually canapes. They're very traditionally English or have gressingham duck," Docker said.

The Queen's Pantry will be serving bacon or sausage baps, tea and Buck's Fizz (a twist on a mimosa) for the wedding celebration. For those at home? Docker shares tips for traditional British fare to serve given the time of day.

"At this time in the morning, I'd certainly be doing English bacon or Irish sausages," Docker said. "It's a little early for scones, jam and cream but that doesn't stop people doing it."

Should biscuits (known as cookies in the U.S.) are more your cup of tea, there are countless British brands to choose from. Yet, for a royal connection, opt for McVities. Prince William's grooms cake was made of the notable biscuit brand.

Ultimately, the food a sideshow to the main event as the world watches Meghan Markle's walk toward her prince.

"The dress," Docker said. "What else would it be but the dress. I have a feeling she might do something quite dramatic....but i think it will be absolutely gorgeous."

For more details on the watch party at The Queen's Pantry, visit their website.