Local police are warning against a common scam that is popping up once again in Georgia.

Victims of this scam say that they are contacted by someone who says they are from Microsoft or another computer software company. They usually say that they have detected a virus on your system and offer to help remove it.

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According to the Fayette County Sheriff's Office, one resident reported computer and bank fraud after paying for services from one of these alleged companies.

Ultimately the scammer gets access into your system to see your bookmarked pages, passwords, credit cards, and even access your bank accounts.

"The person will often turn to discussing friends or family using information found on the computer. If questioned about the activity they may use threats against the victim or their family members in an effort to continue the scam," according to Fayette County Sheriff's Office.

According to the official Microsoft website, they will never proactively contact someone for unsolicited PC or technical support.

The real Microsoft Company has tips to avoid support scams like this.

1. Do NOT purchase any software or services from someone claiming to be tech support.

2. If there is a fee or subscription associated with the service, hang up.

3. Never give someone control of your computer unless you verify their authenticity.

4. Never provide credit card or financial information.

Some of these scams are so advanced that they have many fraudulent websites that look authentic.

"They might also setup websites with persistent pop-ups displaying fake warning messages and a phone number to call and get the “issue” fixed," according to Microsoft.

If you think you have fallen victim to a scam you should report it to your local authorities as well as the Better Business Bureau.