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She claimed to shoot her dad after he touched her son. Evidence proved it was a lie.

During sentencing, she came clean and told the judge "it was a lie then and it is a lie now."
Credit: Whitfield County Sheriff's Office

DALTON, Ga. — A 26-year-old woman is headed to prison after she pleaded guilty Tuesday to murdering her dad. 

Hannah Celese Henderson pleaded guilty to felony murder and aggravated assault connected to the Oct. 13, 2018 murder of her father, George. 

According to prosecutors, Henderson called 911 that night to report that she shot her father after walking into his bedroom to find him touching her 1-year-old son. But as investigators looked into the case, they said that story didn't add up and was likely not true. 

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Investigators said they didn't believe Henderson's version for a number of reasons - chiefly the location of where the shooting happened. Evidence indicated that the shooting happened much later than and nowhere near the bedroom where the alleged touching was supposed to have happened. 

Investigators said Henderson also admitted that she had accused her father of touching her son - without evidence - two days earlier. As investigators continued questioning her, they said Henderson's story shifted toward "self-defense." 

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Evidence showed Henderson put the gun to her dad's head and shot him twice in the head - once in the hallway leading into the kitchen and another time near the kitchen table. 

Prosecutors said George had allowed his daughter and her son to move into his home, gave her a car and a food truck to help her earn money - all to help her through her battle with addiction and substance abuse problems.

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During sentencing, Henderson did not offer an explanation for why she shot her father, but reportedly came clean and told the judge "it was a lie then and it is a lie now." She added that she felt sorry for what she had done and understood the pain she had caused.

A judge sentenced Henderson to 30 years in jail before becoming eligible for parole. In addition, as part of a negotiated plea, Henderson had to sign over parental rights so that family could adopt her son and agree to waive rights to her father's inheritance.